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Investingating the success factors of poultry growers, cooperatives in Iran,s western provinces

    Amini, A. M., Ramezani, M., “Investingating the success factors of poultry growers, cooperatives in Iran,s western provinces”, World Applied Sciences Journal, 5(1),81-87, 2008. .



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The general purpose underlying this study is to investigate the factors involved in the success of poultry growers' cooperatives in the provinces of Western Azarbayjan, Ilam, Hamedan, Khuzistan and Kohgilouyeh and Boweir Ahmad. Using the cluster sampling method and the Cochran’s formula, 21 cooperatives and their members and mangers were selected from among 21 cooperatives with 1305  members. Statistical tests revealed that the concepts employed in the study enjoyed a high level of  validity and reliability. The results indicate that the cooperatives studied have generally failed to  achieve the objectives mandated in their constitutions which include their members' satisfaction. The results from path analysis showed that the following factors, in a descending order of importance, had the greatest effects on cooperative success: managers' technical skills, number of training programs attended, quality of training programs offered, members' participation in cooperatives' administrative affairs and managers' interpersonal human skills.

Key words: Cooperatives Agriculture Poultry growing Success Iran West Azerbayjan Ilam



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