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Journal Papers
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Energy efficiency improvement and CO2 emission reduction in greenhouse cucumber production Fall 2017
Sustainability of Zayande-Roods Water Governance Regimes in the Course of Development Fall 2017
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Rural Women Empowerment in Isfahan City Spring 2016
Farmers knowledge attitude and practice of healthy greenhouse cucumber and tomato production in Isfahan County Fall 2016
Managerial Factors Affecting the Success of Rural Production Cooperatives in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province Summer 2016
Farmers and Authorities Attitudes towards the Water Conflict Resolution Methods in Zayandeh-Rud River Summer 2016
Investigating Factors Affecting the Success of Official and Unofficial Range Management Cooperatives in Three Provinces of Iran Spring 2016
Determinants of Consumers 'Preferences for Conventional, Healthy and Organic Cucumber in Isfahan City Using Choice Experiment Method Summer 2015
Assessing Farmers' Willingness to Participation in Land Consolidation Projects in Meymeh District, Isfahan Summer 2015
Assessing the Satisfaction Level of Rural Production Cooperative Members regarding Internal Service Quality in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province Spring 2015
Evaluating Financial Performance of Agricultural Insurance Fund in Hamadan Province Winter 2015
Factors Affecting Cucumber and Tomato Greenhouse Farmers Attitudes towards the Healthy Crops Production in Isfahan County Summer 2015
Challenges of oil installations development for rural areas April 2014
Investigation of infrastructure and superstructure services in rural-guide plan [In persian] Summer 2014
Assessing the impact of management skills on the productivity of lying farms in Isfahan Province [In persian] Fall 2014
Assessment the Attitude and Intention of Isfahan Farmers to AttendAgricultural Extension and Education Courses Based on Fishbein-Ajzen Model Summer 2014
An Evaluation of the Performance and Factors Affecting the Insurance of Agricultural Products in Hamedan Province from the Experts' Point of View [In Persian] January 2013
Analysis the Physical Impact of Implementation of a Rural Master Plan in Iran [In English] October 2013
An analysis of the position of cooperatives in organizing and tourism development of Qom province [In Persian] January 2013
Analyzing the attitude of farmers toward educational-extensional courses in Isfahan province (ISC) + pdf Fall 2013
A study of service quality in rural ICT centers of Iran by SERVQUAL January 2012
Assessment of the Effect of Managers’ Management Style in the Success of Agricultural Cooperatives of Isfahan Province, Iran [In Persian] April 2012
Factors affecting adoption of agricultural land consolidation plans in Ilam [In Persian] January 2012
Study of Isfahan rural cooperative companies and their success [In Persian] January 2010
Rural women's Role in Productivity and Consumption Pattern Reform in Rural Societies [In Persian] March 2009
Success factors evaluation of women as extension help agents in Isfahan province [In Persian] March 2009
The role of manpower in the success of Iran’s poultry groers cooperatives January 2009
Evaluation of economic self-reliance of rural women and determination of related economic factors [In Persian] July 2009
Qualitative, quantitative and economic land suitability evaluation for wheat, maize and sesame poroduction in Mehran plain, Ilam province [In Persian] February 2008
Assessment of the most important intra-Organizational factors in success of Tehran’s poultry cooperatives [In Persian] January 2008
Investingating the success factors of poultry growers, cooperatives in Iran,s western provinces June 2008
Factors Affecting Requests for Land Consolidation Projects in the Opinions of Experts in Kermanshah and Lenjanat Region in Isfahan [In Persian] January 2008
Investigation and comparison of reasons for farmers disagreement with land consolidation projects in Kermanshah and Lenjanat region in Isfahan [In Persian] January 2007
Rural women’s employment in two townships of Esfahan province [In Persian] January 2007
The assessment and identification factors effectives the success of agricultural cooperatives in Golestan & Mazandaran provinces [In Persian] March 2006
Study of effective factors on success of poultry-farm cooperatives in Tehran province [In Persian] February 2006
Study of effectives factors on success of poultry-farm cooperatives in Isfahan province [In Persian] January 2006
The affecting factors on unsuccess formation of water users cooperatives(Using fuzzy regression) [In Persian] February 2006
Conference Papers
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Evaluating of Small Enterpreneurial Enterprises Project in Entrepreneurship From Agricultural Bank Managers and Specialist Point of View + Abstract September 2013
Water resources management systems: stability of past and present problems + pdf February 2012
Evaluation of Agricultural Mechanization Service Enterprises January 2011
Evaluating the Efficiency of the Training Programs Offered to Co-operatives August 2008
Assessment of Labors, Consumer Cooperatives April 2008
Study of Effective Factors on Success of Poultry-Farm Co-operatives February 2007
Determinants of Poverty in Rural Areas November 2001
The Station of AbBaran cooperative In Rural Development + pdf January 1388
Assessing role of agricultural extension in farmers' tendencies towards land consolidation in Ilam province + pdf February 1388

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