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 Study and assessment of factors affecting the success of rural cooperative companies & unions of Isfahan province.  
· Assessment Woman Extension Help Agent , Identification of Effective Factors on Their Success and Unsuccess in Isfahan Province between 1985-2005  
· Quality Assessment of Agricultural Courses of B.Sc Level in Creating Technical-specialty and Socio-organizational Skills from the Point of View Academics and Graduates of Isfahan University of Technology  
· Comparative Assessment of Agricultural Production Cooperatives Performance with the other Agricultural Production Systems in Kashan and Aran-o-bidgol Townships  
· Evaluation of Rural Women’s Social Role in Isfahan Township and Effective Factors on This Role  
· Evaluation of Small Entrepreneurial Enterprises: Agricultural Bank Managers and Specialist, Point of View  
· The Assessment of the Success and the Factors Affecting it in the Esfahan Province Metallic Greenhouses Producing Vegetable and Summer Crops  
· Investigating Satisfaction Rate of People in Sazbon Dam Construction Site in View of Home Leaving and Evaluating the Effective Factors.  
· Evaluation of Factors Affecting Project Implementation and Consolidation Obstacles Facing in Ilam Province  
· Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Productivity of Agricultural Mechanization Service Enterprises in Isfahan province, Iran  
· Evaluation of the Role of Management in the Success of Agricultural Cooperatives of Isfahan province, Iran  
· Success rate of Pressurized Irrigation Systems in Isfahan Province  
· Assement of preventive and driving force factors on herders participation in rehabilitaion of Age-ghlla ranges  
· Factors Affecting Rural Water Consumption (Case Study: Andlan village)  
· Economic and Social Evaluation of Saffron Production in Southern Khorasan Province, Iran  
· Evaluation of Performance of Board Members and Principals of Rural Production Co-Operatives of Khuzestan Province  
· Recognition and assessment of effective factors on rice farmers pest management decision making in Isfahan  
· Assessment of Success Extent of Rural Production Co-operatives and Determining of its Effective Factors in West-Azarbaijan Province

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