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The Station of AbBaran cooperative In Rural Development + pdf

 The Station of AbBaran cooperative In Rural Development

The First National Coference on Sustainable Rural Development





One of the important issues in this recent century is accessing to agricultural water. The lake of water is the main problem in the world and agriculture section as the most significant consumer should make new solutions to overtop the deficiencies in order to more product at each unit volume water. One of the solutions is establishing Abbaran cooperative for management and optimum use of water that emphasizes on partnership of beneficiary groups. If these groups succeed, they could lessen poverty so that decrease migration and both of them are goal of rural development .In this study benefit from attributive- library searching. In reply to main question that could achieve rural development by establishing Abbaran firm have to say this firm have main role in this issue.


Keyword: AbBaran cooperative, Rural development, Agriculture


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