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Analyzing the attitude of farmers toward educational-extensional courses in Isfahan province (ISC) + pdf

 Ramezani, masoud, Amini, Amir Mozafar, Barati, Ghadimi, Ali, Ali Akbar, (2013), Analyzing the attitude of farmers toward educational-extensional courses in Isfahan province, International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences, Available online at , IJACS/2013/5-21/2545-2554, ISSN 2227-670X ©2013 IJACS Journal




The main purpose of this research is analyzing the attitude of farmers toward educational-extensional courses. The statistical society of this research is all of the farmers around villages of Zayandeh Rood River in Isfahan Province (N=96920) that 830 people were selected among them using random sampling and the sample size was determined based on Cochran formula. Data collection tool was a questionnaire that was completed by interviewing. Formal and content validity was approved based on the ideas of experts and its reliability was specified based on Cronbach Alfa (0.92-0.97). To analyze the results correlation coefficient, one sampling t-test, and regression and SPSS v.17 software was used. The result of studies show that studied farmers have positive attitude toward educational-extensional courses and result of multiple regression using step by step method showed that among studied variables five variables specify about 77% of variance changes of farmers’ attitude toward educational-extensional courses that are: the quality of educational-extensional courses, activity of extension office, cooperation of learners in planning, appropriateness of subjects with the needs of farmers, recognition of extender from problem of farmers.

Keywords:attitude, educational-extensional courses, Isfahan Province


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